Illustration by  Josie Phillips

Illustration by Josie Phillips

Paradise Found


“Canal desire inflaming. He on Eve

Began to cast lascivious eyes, she him

As wantonly repaid: in lust they burn

Till Adam thus gan Eve dalliance move” (9.1013-16)


Paradise Found is a documentary project exploring the swinging community of Bournemouth that meet at the Paradise Health Spa.

Paradise offers a safe, fun and relaxing place for Swingers to meet, and it is one of the few Swinging clubs left in the South.

The project explores the day to day goings of the club and the people that visit and meet there. It attempts to show the scene in an open and honest way, opposing some of the traditional misconceptions that shroud the scene, but also confirming some.

Society can often have an immature and narrow minded view on alternative sexualities and sexual lives, the idea of this project was to open up a very private scene to the viewer, that their initials views on were shadowed by myth and media spins. In attempt to help the viewer to better understand why people come to be involved in this lifestyle.

The photographic work also has an accompanying text piece of interviews conducted with both couples and singles that explores the questions that many have on the scene.


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