The Southampton Witches

a Witch:

1. A women thought to have evil magic powers, popularly depicted as wearing a black cloak, pointed hat, and flying on a broom stick.

2. An ugly or unpleasant old women.


The Southampton Witches is a documentary series that explores the idea of real British Witch today. The project is about a group of solitary and coven based witches who connect through the Facebook group "The Southampton Witches", which has over 1000 members.

Paganism is one of the largest growing religions in England, it is also the only religion that England gave to the rest of the world, all other religions in the Uk have been imported. Witchcraft is actually a Pagan religion, not an anti-Christian devil worshipping cult like often portrayed in the movies.

The idea of the series was to explore a community that came with a stereotype built up by the media and pop culture. The idea of a Witch to many is fictional, but Witches and Witchcraft is very much alive and real, just not in the way that Hollywood shows them to be.

The series aimed to investigate these stereotypical ideas that Hollywood portrays in an attempt to show the Witching world in an open and unbiased way so that the viewer can form a new opinion from what is presented to them, different to what they previously may have been lead to believe.


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With thanks to Becky Anderson-Davis co-founder of The Southampton Witches