Sarah is a First Class Honors graduate of BA Commercial Photography at the Arts University Bournemouth class of 2016. She is now a student of MA Commercial Photography specialising is portrait and documentary photography.

However her skill sets and interests in different areas of photographic practices are diverse, having created work for Fashion and Advertising contexts as well as continuous press work in her home town of Bournemouth. With a background in fine art and visual communication, Sarah's personal work has graphic influences as well as a strong concentration on achieving stimulating narratives and themes to all of her work.

Sarah specialises in documentary practice and portraiture with a particular interest in investigating communities that come with a pop culture stereotype. She describes herself as not just an artist but as an ethnographer, ethnography being the art and science of describing human groups, representing subcultures and society. She believes that documentary photography, as well as ethnography is not “truth”, but versions of the photographers, or ethnographers experience of reality, which is to be as loyal as possible. From seeing herself as an ethnographer as well as a photographer she has been able to perfect her research strategies through the social sciences. Learning and taking on a visual research role, a mixture of participant observation and interviewing techniques. The depth of her role as a participant observer is one she has been exploring heavily over the last two years. She is now in the process of moving between Active and Complete membership roles while carrying out her work. Still acknowledging however that each new project carries a new appropriateness to these roles that must be considered thoroughly before being taken on.

One of Sarah's latest projects Paradise Found, was a series about the swinging community that met in one of the last swinging clubs in the south, Paradise Health Spa. She aimed to present truthful and educating imagery about the lifestyle, in a way that the viewer had not seen before.

Lens Culture wrote:
"It is a subject I have seen others attempt to cover but you have managed it extremely well. You have completely achieved what you have set out to do in your statement which must have required a strict edit of material. You have provided an insight into this world without judgement and I think it is a brilliant and well realised project."

Sarah is now tackling other communities shrouded by stereotype, documenting British Witchcraft as well as investigating the Paranormal, where she is depicting Mediums and Paranormal Investigators. Sarah again hopes to produce images that are un- opinionated, images that show you the most honest truth possible, and educate the viewer on communities that are shadowed by Hollywood's presentation of them.



Baby Forest Awards 2018 - Runner up Photography Category

Baby Forest Awards 2018 - Runner up People's Choice


Exhibitions & Publications:

January 2016 - Paradise Found in BUMF Issue 2

June 2016 - AUB Graduate Show, Bournemouth

July 2016 - 224 Candid Arts Trust London

Sept - Oct 2016 - Suddenly Last Summer, The Gallery, Bournemouth

March 2018 - Document Britain, Rolling Stock, London

September 2018 - Misc, Bournemouth


Written Work:

Two Souls One Vessel - Loupe Magazine Issue 7